GO_tmrw: Why the sudden interest in Creative Industry projects?

What is this sudden drive, or rather recognition for projects from the Creative Industries? Why the sudden spur? I mean, to be honest, we’ve been doing this for a long, long time. Since 2002, to be exact. And some people have been flogging the ‘creative’ horse for way longer. But why now?


The advent of technology makes content, creative and unique content, even more important! Content that create eyeball stickiness. Content that can create buzz from within the community. Content that is tweeted and re-tweeted.

I had coffee this morning with a friend, who’s also a lecturer at a design school and a freelance illustrator. We were just toying with some ideas. Chatting about some potential projects. There are so many! But it all goes back to the question of, who’s going to fund it.

So if the crowd, the community, are now willing to fund such creative projects, does it matter if they don’t get much return aside from the “I helped make this project happen” badge? And how do you attract such ‘angel’ investors? Have you ever tried using a crowdfunding platform? Does it work? Tell us about it! Share your story! We are listening…

Try it! Apply for this:

Source: http://culture360.asef.org/opportunity/zinc-shower-call-for-projects/

Deadline: March 15, 2015

Website: http://zincshower.com/en/convocatoria/


Zinc Shower is the biggest professional event of the Creative and Collaborative Economy. International call for the best business projects in the creative and collaborative economy to be presented at Zinc Shower, Madrid 8-9 May.

Call for projects (Showers)

In the third Zinc Shower call for projects, we are looking for the best business projects in the creative and collaborative economy.

Projects from any sector and country that have potential or are already on the market, innovating and transforming the economy and society.

You can present your project or startup, whether it is in its early phases of development or creation, or if it is already an established business in a phase of growth, expansion or internationalisation.

We select the most innovative and transformative projects (showers) through an international call for projects. Participants will be given an exhibition spot at the event so that they can make their projects known and contact customers, collaborators, financial backers and the media.

Deadline: 15 March 2015

Why go to Zinc Shower?

It is a unique and transformative experience where thousands of people gather in a setting dedicated to creativity, entrepreneurship, trends and technology. Through a varied programme of chats, round tables, workshops, networking and shows, we have brought together the very best national and international speakers so that they may share their experience, knowledge and time with the public. A meeting where you will be the centre of attention.

It is the only event that gathers entrepreneurs, professionals, students, investors, institutions, companies, sponsors and the media to give their support to innovation, collaboration, training, financing and creative and collaborative entrepreneurship.

– See more at: http://culture360.asef.org/opportunity/zinc-shower-call-for-projects/#sthash.o6x3HWT2.dpuf


Go International Group Dotcom is an experiential events + technology solutions company with specialty hands-on skills in running publicity, marketing, digital & activation campaigns. In order to reach a Client's target audiences, it uses tools like custom publishing, social media, live events, public relations and many other novel means. Essentially, we seek to bring our customers JOY! Email us at KL [at] gointernationalgroup.com.

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