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It pays to invest in women-led start-ups – Golden Seeds’ McCarthy

It pays to invest in women-led start-ups - Golden Seeds' McCarthy
Loretta McCarty, managing director of Golden Seeds

Loretta McCarthy is managing director of Golden Seeds, a US investor consortium that invests in early-stage women-led start-ups, and counts many women investors in its ranks. Ahead of the EBAN Congress in Dublin, she spoke to Ann O’Dea

In existence since 2005, Golden Seeds manages a nationwide network of over 300 angel investors, making it one of the largest angel investment organisations in the US. I caught up with its managing director Loretta McCarthy ahead of her visit to Dublin to address the EBAN 14th Annual Congress and 9th Annual Awards in Dublin Castle.

“When we started out, in the US women were starting about half of the businesses, yet they were getting less that 5pc of the capital that was going into new businesses,” she explained. “It seemed clear that that they were either not being given the opportunity, or were not taking the opportunity to determine how to fund their businesses in a substantial way.”

So came about Golden Seeds, which has in the last ten years invested some US$62m in over 60 companies. “We decided that we would create an angel investment group that would focus solely on funding companies that were being led by at least one woman, with the aim of proving that these companies can do as well – or better – than other companies.”

Because it invests at early stage, it is not difficult to assess whether the start-up is genuinely being led or part-led by a woman, says McCarthy. With headquarters in New York, Golden Seeeds today has chapters in Boston, Silicon Valley and Texas, and bosts over 300 members.

While it is agnostic as regards geography, it has so far only invested in US companies, but McCarthy said it is open to looking further afield. Golden Seeds is also agnostic as regards industry sector. “However, what we are not agnostic about is the company being solely of partly led by a woman.”

One of the reasons McCarthy is coming to Europe for the EBAN Congress is to spread the word., she says. “We regularly get enquiries about this sector, and about ‘why women, why it’s different’. So it was a great opportunity to talk to angel investors about this. We believe that any angel investment group that isn’t in some way looking at women is missing this opportunity.”

She points also to the reams of research that today concur that when boards of directors and management teams are gender-diverse they ultimately produce better results for investors.

“At Golden Seeds we want to be gender diverse, because we believe that having all points of view represented in the decision-making is important. We often speak with other angel groups in this country and outside of this country to reinforce the importance of having gender diversity in all aspects of our business.”

Women investing in women

What is particularly interesting about the growth of Golden Seeds is the number of women investors. “It is one of the things that has delighted us about our growth in the US – that women have joined us as members in very in very large numbers,” says McCarthy. “Of our 300 members 80pc of them are women. There’s a natural affinity that women are going to be attracted to this organisation that happens to be focusing on other women.”

More than that, it also demonstrates that we have reached a point in time where women have the capacity to do this kind of investing, says McCarthy. “Women have accumulated enough wealth and enough skills and confidence to be able to do this investing,” she says.

“When Golden Seeds was started in this country women represented about 7pc of angel investors in the country, and at the time there were about 200,00 people who self-identified as angel investors. Today there is something like 275,000, and 22pc of them are women,” she says.

“We are quite thrilled that women have jumped into this world of angel investing and they are serving on the boards of these companies and mentoring them. By having both men and women participating in the process what you get is a broad range of concepts, discussions and collaborations.”

It really is important that angel groups look to have that gender diversity, says McCarthy. “So many of the companies that we see are being created for women as consumers,” she says. “The same applied to age diversity – a lot of the products are being created for people of a certain demographic.” In this context, diversity just makes good sense, according to McCarthy.
“Golden seeds doesn’t want to be one of the few groups that has a lot of women investors,” she says. “We want all groups to have women as investors.”

The data points vary, but McCarthy says that in 2012, of those companies applyingfor funding in the US, some 16pc were led by women. “And when women do apply for funding, they have a higher success rate achieving funding through that process than organisations that are led by men.

“That’s only by a slight margin but if only 16pc of the companies applying are led by women, our conclusion is that there are a lot of companies being led by women that are not seeking outside capital. So we are urging women to think about growing great businesses that will become large and that have a need for outside capital.”

Loretta McCarthy will address The EBAN 14th Annual Congress and 9th Annual Awards, which comes to Dublin on May 19 and 20, with the theme “The Power of the collective: Business Angels, Seed Funds, Accelerators & Incubation Space”. You can register here.

Women Invent Tomorrow is Silicon Republic’s campaign to champion the role of women in science, technology, engineering and maths. It has been running since March 2013, and is kindly supported by Accenture Ireland, Intel, the Irish Research Council, ESB, Twitter, CoderDojo and Science Foundation Ireland.

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GO_tmrw: Education, our key to the future

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Digital Marketing Institute inks €3m deal with Asia’s largest IT trainer

Digital Marketing Institute inks €3m deal with Asia’s largest IT trainer

The Digital Marketing Institute’s chief executive Ian Dodson with G Raghavan from NIIT at a press conference in New Delhi today

The Dublin-headquartered Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) has just signed a contract valued at more than €3m with the largest training body in Asia – NIIT India – to offer digital marketing education and certification in India. Some 25,000 students in India will be upskilled in this area over the next three years.

The deal follows on the heels of a similar deal to bring digital marketing training to South Africa.

The professional diploma in digital marketing has been developed in co-operation with many of the leading digital companies in the world and is recognised in more than 25 countries, including the UK, USA, and South Africa, and countries in Europe and the Middle East.

As part of the alliance, DMI will run specialist training programmes with NIIT faculty. More than 150 professional subject matter experts were involved in developing the curriculum.

“In line with our vision to offer cutting-edge career-focused training programmes in the emerging areas of the knowledge society, we are delighted to partner with DMI to offer globally recognised programmes in digital marketing,” said G Raghavan, chief executive, Career Building Solutions, NIIT.

“With DMI’s expertise in certification and training, we hope to create a globally competitive workforce for the digital marketing industry in India.”

Digital marketing boom

In bringing its flagship course – the Global Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing – to the Indian market, the DMI will make a substantial financial investment and create a number of new jobs in Ireland and Asia.

“The Digital Marketing Institute has a very active partnering programme and this deal with NIIT India represents another big leap into the worldwide marketplace of digital marketing education,” the Digital Marketing Institute’s chief executive Ian Dodson explained.

“We operate strictly through education partners who understand local market dynamics and are delighted to be partnering with such an exceptional organisation as NIIT. It has the expertise on the ground in India to help us to deliver our programmes to the highest professional standards for many years to come.”

Global digital media spend will exceed US$104bn in 2013 and is growing at a rate of more than 10pc annually.

The rate of growth in Asia is nearly 25pc year on year. India is the third biggest user of the internet in the world and education-related searches on Google in India are the second highest in the world. Seventy-five per cent of all youths use the internet, with mobile internet usage growing by a factor of five in the last five years.

“There’s a real drive and commitment from Indian people for quality education and skills,” Dodson added.

“We expect to welcome well over 5,000 students in the first year and are confident in achieving our revenue targets as India develops into a potential world leader in the digital field.”

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Introduction to Go International Group

Kuala Lumpur sunrise

Our vision: A Global Partner in Brand Marketing Communication.

Our tools: Strategic Planning for Marketing Communication . Concepts . Creative Design . Innovative Execution . Media & Technology

Our work tools are creativity + innovation in marketing communication, print & digital media, web-based media, content management and ground activation.

Our credo: At Go International Group, we believe in four values which intrinsically guide us towards better living resulting in healthy growth as a human being and as a corporate entity. It is through Sharing of Insights that we are able to conduct business effectively and with Integrity. Our team prides in embracing Love and Valour as its core values, and as a result are constantly able to brave new paths in search of innovative creative solutions, which can contribute to brand building. And without a doubt, it is our love for what we do which finally makes us outshine the rest.

We are not just about execution. We focus on creating unique experiences [GO+Ux].

Our business model: We bridge your brand, and your target audience.

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